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Email Scams - How They Affect

In today’s online world, everyone can get affected by various frauds and scams. Every one should get careful while passing out their financial information such as name, address or any card number. The scammers are able to survive due to the fact that people can not find out the difference between good and bad.
Sometimes you can be asked for your personal information to receive a prize gift but they take out all you have got in your account.

Lottery system: Many scammers send you a mail which offers the lottery cash you won. You get happy in the greed of million dollar or so, but what you should think is that how can you win a lottery when you really did not buy it. So when you give them the fees required for transferring money they do not reply back or sometimes empty your own account. Sometimes greed makes you blind to see that no fee is required to transfer the winning prize.

Often times you get mails from some well established companies like eBay or pay pal warning that your account is hacked so you have to click on the link to log in by other way. Never do so as your login is then hacked. You should also be aware of making online payments. Never make an internet based purchase from an unknown site which is not reputable.  Some ISP has their own proxy which use cookies making it faster to load pre visited websites but the ISP should not be used at insecure places which might cause the system to get hacked.

I have reached to a conclusion that it is really important to make sure you don’t share your personal credit cards or security number on any site or mail which you are not able to trust.

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