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Likerr SEO exchange

Likerr SEO exchange is an online exchange system and here you can increase your site traffic and popularity. On Likerr you earn coins for your activity. The coins are points received for each activity on our site, for every user (referral) that sign up to our site with your URL and for every referral activity on our site.

You will earn coins for every Like, Follow, View, +1, Retweet, Linkedin, Digg or visit from you, to our users.

How to spend your coins on Likerr? You can earn Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Diggs, Linkedins, Retweets, Google +1, Youtube Views and Traffic for your website or collecting them to increase your money balance. If you want more site traffic and popularity you must add coins to each site to get your site seen to our users and receive visits/clicks.

You can also pay for coins if you need more of them. Yes, you can buy coins. Click on "Buy coins" on sidebar in your Likerr account for more info.

Youtube policy: Make sure you added your YouTube Channel username and not Google username. How to do that? If you login to YouTube with your Google Account, create a channel and go to settings where you can create YouTube channel username. Add this username to Likerr and it should work just fine.

How can I earn money with Likerr?

  • You can earn money for each activity on our site - the rate: 100 coins = 0,01 $.
  • Another way to earn money is by refering people - 0,05 $ per referral.
  • You also get 50 coins per referral and bonus coins for every referral activity.
  • Use promotional tools for getting referrals and earn coins per each site visit.

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