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How to avoid e-mail scams

Any one who has been a member of many paid email programs is likely to be a victim of a scam once or for more. As while many well running site that’s pays its member with benefits, also many take the advantage. These sites mostly promise to give its member an amount when their account reaches a certain amount but they never pay you up for any such work.

The bad thing is people do not see a little money paid to them for such a hard work. Some unfortunate people don’t realize that the money spend by them on advertising is the money they going o loose soon along with their investment.

On the go there is no such way to avoid all paid mail scam programs but there are some things  you can look out:

  1. How long the site is been around? The longer the site has been around, the more chances it has of being the real one.
  2. If there is large number of members that means they have a reputation.
  3. Look what the site is charging for advertising and how much is paid for each mail. It is the matter of judgment like if it offers 50 cents for a mail and charges just 5 or 10 dollars it is surely a scam.
  4. Check it out what other members think about the site by simply searching of review which brings out the comments of people along with their opinion. Not just one review would be enough at least three to four reviews would do the job.

Finally I would conclude my article by making people caution not to spend money on sites you do not recognize. Once you are paid than consider it safe to spend money on promotion programs.

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